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Accessories - Buy straps etc. for Chris Copenhagen watches

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When you buy a watch from Chris Copenhagen, it is always important that you see your own personality in the watch, since we believe it means that you will use the watch more often than usual. That is exactly why we made it possible for you to replace the strap as you want. It is incredibly easy to change a strap, so it makes good sense to have more than just the strap the wristwatch arrives with. Hence, if you want to switch with an additional strap or straps, we have collected a list of options for this, to ensure that you eventually find the perfect combination of the watch.
Leather strap for watches – The leather strap is a big part of our brand. All watches are as a starting point found with a nice quality leather strap in different colors. You can find many different designs and structures and each one can be combined with your preferred watch.
NATO strap watches - If you want your watch to have a lower weight, then you should consider one of the most popular NATO straps, originally used on diver watches to ensure optimum low weight when on the ocean floor. Today, the strap serves as an extra casual look when worn on the watches. You can, as with the leather straps, find different designs that can complement your existing watch and thus give you a new dimension when the dress style is combined.
When choosing a strap, you should always check whether you have a ladies watch or a men’s watch to ensure that the strap you want to buy as accessory will fit the size of the watch. At Chris Copenhagen you can combine in countless ways by using the different color constellations.