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The story behind the fine Chris Copenhagen watches

Chris Kaiser Sørensen, born 16 October 1980, is the founder and CEO of Chris Copenhagen Watches. For many years, he has been a successful businessman who has helped shape different companies with his experience and desire to create something out of nothing. At the age of 21, the innovative gentleman became independent and co-owner of his first company, Unisport A/S. However, at the age of 18, he had so much responsibility for Unisport that it almost felt like an ownership. Chris has stayed most of his life in Copenhagen, so it was natural to name it Chris Copenhagen when his love of the Danish capital is as big as it is.

After Unisport, Chris started Uniwatches, which today is one of Scandinavia's leading online shops regarding designer watches. The start was difficult and there were many things to take into account when starting up a new business. However, after a few years, the biggest challenges had been overcome and Uniwatches could look forward with Chris at the helm.

His numerous years of experience in the watch business had taught Chris a lot. Although taking the leap as a designer of his own is not the biggest jump taken to date, there have been many challengers that Chris has had to overcome along the way. Designing and 100% shaping his own brand has always been the major driving force for Chris, along with being able to create something big.

The unique in all Chris Copenhagen watches

In the uniquely designed Chris Copenhagen watches, the focus is directed at 10 o'clock or rather position 10. The explanation comes from Chris' great love and passion for football, where the great football legend Diego Armando Maradona, always played with number 10 on his back. The Argentine football star had a unique ability to make even the most difficult kind of football trick look playfully simple and straightforward. This is exactly why Chris Copenhagen watches draw on the same simple and straightforward manner, thus keeping the watches very minimalistic. In addition, all Chris Copenhagen watches are designed with high quality and precision mirroring the way Maradona always delivered on the football pitches around the world.

In addition to the simple and straightforward design, all watches from Chris Copenhagen are produced with its own little story related to some of the many people who Chris met on his way through life and these stories are found in the product description for each watch. This is just one of the many ways in which the brand stands out from the crowd. Important to note, Chris Copenhagen watches are produced in no more than exactly 2,016 pieces because 2016 was the year when Chris Copenhagen launched its first collection. Therefore, you are always assured limited edition watches when you buy from Chris Copenhagen.

True to watches - A genuine watch brand

Today, there are numerous brands that design everything, from clothes to shoes to watches. Chris Copenhagen on the other hand has chosen to focus 100% on the watches, thus expecting to achieve a better result in both quality and in the design the consumer demands. This is why Chris Copenhagen calls itself a genuine watch brand because you get something that is unique and original when you buy your own Chris Copenhagen watch.

At Chris Copenhagen, you must feel a sense of pride when you wear the watch on your arm and it must fit your clothing style or your mood and personality. Our philosophy is that we are nothing without our customers’ desire to promote our watches. Therefore, we must deliver a piece of craftsmanship that every person can wear with pride and show off to friends in private or via social media. That is precisely why we have tried to make the whole buying experience into something special as everything from watch to box meets the expected standard.