In the Chris Copenhagen collection you will find watches for both men and women

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In the Chris Copenhagen collection you will find watches for both men and women


This is a collection of watches for men and women.

The collection includes different styles of watches ranging from sporty to elegant pieces. Each watch is available in two versions, one with a crystal face and a second with a stainless steel case. The main focus behind these watches is on the look, which is really important in this day and age when so many people are on the move all the time. However, you have to be aware that they are not exactly affordable compared to other brands of similar level when it comes to quality but still attractive price tags.

Chris Copenhagen is a Danish watch brand with a Scandinavian aesthetic. They continually focus on quality.

We created a collection of watches with Scandinavian looks. This will be great for both men and women. Each model was made from scratch by Chris Copenhagen in collaboration with our design team.

This collection presents a new way to design and create watches. Due to the use of 3D printing, the watch can be made from scratch and with any material you like.

Watches are objects that require constant maintenance, but at the same time, they are incredibly beautiful and persistent. This is why men and women alike wear them. The same applies to most of our daily wears as well as watches.

The design of watches helps both men and women to look their best with a variety of watch designs, each different from the other. However, there are some specific styles that are only available for one gender or the other. This is another reason why men and women prefer wearing wristwatches over the day-to-day watches that we wear on our arms everyday. Chris Copenhagen wanted to find out what this diversity means for consumers and look at trends in lifestyle clothing brands.

A watch is a coveted accessory, used as an indicator of status. But not so long ago, people were limited to only wearing one at a time. With the introduction of the quartz watch, men and women had more choices on how they could express their style and identity in addition to using them to tell the time.

In this collection you will find watches that are both classic and contemporary, by brands like Richard Mille, TAG Heuer and Rolex.

You often see men wearing watches of different designs and sizes. This can be due to either the aesthetics or the functionality. The appearance of a watch is what attracts the eye, and that’s why we have to have good looking ones too, right?

So now our aim is to bring you even more options for men who like to dress sharp with both functional and aesthetically appealing watches.

This collection includes smartwatches for both men and women which will fit any style and make them look good at the same time. We put a lot of effort into making it as versatile as possible so that you will be able to find a watch from various design styles, colours, materials and features that fit your tastes perfectly.

The CHRIS collection is a very interesting watch brand. It was founded by a few friends in the Nordic countries who wanted to make watches that are affordable, durable and stylish.

The CHRIS collection is distinctive because it features some of the most popular timepieces from around the world. From timepieces that have been designed by famous designers to mechanical watches which are based on cutting-edge technology, you can find something for everyone here.

One of the most popular watch brands in Scandinavia, Chris Copenhagen, is based in Copenhagen. The company was founded in 1835 by Christian Frederik Johansen as a watchmaking business. In 2005 it changed its name to Chris Copenhagen Collection (CCC), and in 2009 it was acquired by Italian luxury goods group Fendi Group for $4.1 billion dollars (Fiji dollars).

The brand has been featured on a number of magazines, including Time Magazine and Glamour magazine. It also has several collections with watches priced from $65 to $10 million dollars each.

In the collection of watches for both men and women, you will find many different models, styles and price points. Every watch has its own design that draws in a viewer’s attention.

Introduction: The collection is far from complete and there are still some models to discover but this is a good opportunity to get a glimpse of what the Autumn/Winter 2017 season has in store for us all.

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