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Watches from Chris Copenhagen - Buy from the Official Shop

Welcome to the official shop of Chris Copenhagen watches

If you love Scandinavian design instead of watches of lower quality, then Chris Copenhagen is the only real place where you get both the unique design and quality of the Scandinavian brand. The distinguished Chris Copenhagen watches takes you to new heights regarding Danish design and deliver some truly stylish, chic, and not least minimalistic underwater designer watches. The minimalist expression means that this particular type of watch is truly timeless and can be used at all times of the year and also in the future since Chris Copenhagen watches will never go out of style.

For Chris Copenhagen, quality is something truly special. Therefore, we have chosen some of the most reliable clockworks, so you can always be sure that the watch is accurate. At the same time, you feel that you wear a nice watch that gives you personality and match your clothing style that particular day. Besides the clockwork, all wristwatches are manufactured with a sapphire glass, which is the strongest type of glass type found in the industry and which makes these fashion watches unique compared to other watches.

In the Chris Copenhagen collection, you will find watches for both men and women and they are all made in a specific size. Therefore, you as a man can wear a lady’s watch if you want the watch to be slightly smaller. On the other hand, if you as a woman want your watch to be slightly large, you can wear a man’s watch. Furthermore, we are acutely aware of preserving the minimalism in the watches and ensure that our DNA will continue from collection to collection. Thus, you as a consumer will always be able to recognize a watch from Chris Copenhagen.